Chakra Course

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Course features
  • Author: Alaya DeNoyelles
  • Downloadable PDF's: 8
  • Study time: 5 hours
  • Attunement Videos:7
  • Exams: 1
  • CEU's Available: 5
Course overview
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning disk or wheel. In the body there are seven main chakras or energy centers. They are the gateways of Kundalini (Qi, life force), which circulate through the meridians. 

In This course we explore the sacred energies of the seven major chakras, their keynotes, and attributes along with the Sacred Sites (acupuncture points) associated with each Chakra.

Certification included
Certification of Completion is awarded upon completion.

CEU's/PDA's are available for an additional cost of  $25.

What's included?

  • 7 Course Elements
  • 7 Attunement Videos
  • PDF's: 8
  • Exam: 10 Questions

Awaken, Attune & Embody 

Awaken the Sacred Sites or acupuncture points  connected to 7 Chakras. 
Attune with the energy frequencies of the Sacred Sites to balance and harmonize of your Chakras.
Embody the higher frequencies your Chakras via the Sacred Sites of their associated acupuncture points.

Love is our Essence

Acupuncture points are portals to accessing the divine essence of love within. As we attune with the archetypal vibrations of a Sacred Site, the body comes into resonance with the point's pure essence, releasing the free flow of our life energy and restoring our natural state of sovereignty and aliveness. We build a relationship with the sacredness of our body through this healing experience of self-love. 

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Alaya DeNoyelles

AcuPresence Courses have been developed by Alaya DeNoyelles, a Classically trained Five Element Acupuncturist, the originator of AcuPresence®, and a Gene Key Ambassador and Guide.
Her expertise and passion are to work with the "Spirit of the Points," the unique vibrational signature of acupuncture points, and to Support and Empower people to take charge of their own healing and awakening.
The AcuPresence courses harvest Alaya’s knowledge and personal experience of over 25 years as a healing professional blended into the new, yet ancient vibrational healing art of AcuPresence.

Her intention in designing AcuPresence courses is to inspire others to experience their true essence and innate sovereignty and sustainability inherent within.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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