Hexagram 19
AcuPresence Attunement

Includes attunement video, attunement audio, and numerous downloadable PDF's.
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    Included in each Hexagram Attunement

  • Video & Audio versions of the Hexagram's Attunement
  • Video instructions for locating the 6 associated acupuncture points
  • Hexagram Overview via the lenses of the I Ching, Human Design and the Gene Keys
  • 25 Page PDF Handbook and more
  • One-Page PDF's for easy reference

Awaken, Attune & Embody

Awaken the Sacred Sites or acupuncture points directly connected with the Hexagram.
Attune with the energy frequencies of the Sacred Sites to enhance your body's molecular system, transform your DNA, restore radiant health, and harmonize your emotions.
Embody the higher frequencies of this I Ching Hexagram, Gene Key or Human Design Gate via the Sacred Sites of its associated acupuncture points.

AcuPresence and the I Ching Hexagrams

The I Ching charts the seasons, the five elements and the cycles of life; this information is mapped into the 64 Hexagrams. The binary code of the makeup of these hexagrams is very similar to the genetic code of life contained in the DNA that’s mapped into our body at the moment of birth.

This hexagram map is easily accessible via the energy meridian system and specific acupuncture points which are directly related to each of the 64 I Ching Hexagrams.

The Hexagram Attunements guide us to these Sacred Sites of the acupuncture points directly related to each Hexagram, also known as Gene Keys and Human Design Gates. When we awaken and attune with these acupuncture points we increase our resonance and embodiment with the higher gifts and frequencies of the Hexagram. 

To explore this connection further you might enjoy watching this short video on AcuPresence and the I Ching.

Attunement Elements

Meet the creator

Alaya DeNoyelles

AcuPresence offerings have been developed by Alaya DeNoyelles, a Classically trained Five Element Acupuncturist, the originator of
AcuPresence®, and a Gene Key Ambassador and Guide.

Her expertise and passion are to work with the "Spirit of the Points," the unique vibrational signature of acupuncture points, and to support and empower people to take charge of their own healing, freedom and sovereignty.

The AcuPresence Attunements, offerings and courses harvest Alaya’s knowledge and personal experience of over 30 years as a healing professional blended into the new, yet ancient vibrational healing art of AcuPresence.

Her intention in designing AcuPresence Attunements and Courses is to inspire others to experience and embody their true essence and innate sovereignty and sustainability inherent within.

Patrick Jones - Course author

AcuPresence Hexagram Attunements

AcuPresence Hexagram Attunements include Attunement Video, Attunement Audios, and numerous downloadable PDF's.
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